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Trust Digital Smartphone v7.3


Trust Digital



£75 per device licence

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Strengths: Simple management for the entire smartphone security lifecycle

Weaknesses: High cost per device, average documentation and support

Verdict: An easy-to-use and deploy product with a somewhat higher price tag than we'd like

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This product is almost like identity management for mobile devices. With Smartphone Security, an administrator can manage mobile users, provision policies, secure data, provide support and run audits. All of these pieces come together in a management console. The solution also includes features such as encryption and two-factor authentication.

Trust Digital’s offering has a good user interface and was fairly simple to use from management and deployment perspectives. It is installed on a server running IIS, and all management can be done via its web GUI from any computer on the network. From the user side, once people have their devices set up with Exchange ActiveSync, they access the Trust Digital website published by the enterprise ISA server and download and install the client.

From a performance standpoint, the key words for this product are Microsoft platform integration. Smartphone Security appeared to be designed with Microsoft servers such as Exchange, SQL, ISA and IIS in mind. This we find to be an excellent feature for an enterprise with these technologies already in place.

The documentation is geared toward the administrator or IT professional responsible for the deployment and configuration of the product. The information is well organised, however, the table of contents was not live, so the reader had to scroll though approximately 50 pages to locate information. There is a good use of screenshots and architecture map illustrations, though. A pre-installation worksheet for administrators to plan ahead is a useful feature.

Support is offered via website 24/7 with the use of secure customer login. Once you have entered the site and submitted a request, a representative will contact you shortly to deal with your problem. The website also contains a listing of the services that Trust Digital offers, such as client services, professional services and security consulting. Technical support was only listed with an email address. We would have liked a support contact number as well.

At £75 per device licence this product can become expensive. However, there is some good functionality on offer.