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Kaspersky Lab moving core infrastructure from Russia to Switzerland

Responding to Western government bans on its products due to percieved proximity to the Russian government, Kaspersky Lab says that by the end of 2019, data from customers in Europe will be stored and processed in Zurich

Cyber-criminals exploiting traditional trust measures for compromises

Cyber-criminals are exploiting traditional measures of trust to gain a foothold on users systems by compromising trusted sites via background initiated requests, using phishing sites, and typo-squatting.

Every NHS trust failing on patching, officials admit

In an astonishing admission, Department of Health (DoH) officials have admitted that every single NHS trust in the UK has failed to meet cyber-security standards.

Compromising security certificates is top priority for cyber-criminals

Digital security certificates assure regular users that the websites they visit can be trusted and are free of malicious code. But if security certificates are themselves compromised, how can users be protected from malicious hackers?

Interview: Understanding zero trust models - Akamai's preferred approach

Patrick Sullivan, director, security technology and strategy at Akamai Technologies explains the concept of Zero Trust perimeters and cloud perimeters in an interview with SC Media UK's editor-in-chief, Tony Morbin.

UK public won't trust a breached company yet fail to protect their own data

70 percent of people say that they would stop doing business with companies following a data breach, but they are about to be engulfed in data breach reality with GDPR breach reporting as under-reporting of breaches is huge.

Mozilla looses trust in Dutch Certs, raises wider concerns in industry

Dutch moves to strengthen the powers of its state authorities leads Mozilla to propose excluding Dutch CAs from its trust list - could form part of a wider undermining of trust in the Internet

Restoring faith in the IT department

Rick Orloff highlights the importance of trust between IT and employees, and how to restore it in the wake of the current cyber-crime climate, including communicating that you understand user concerns..

Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Programme to lose trusting in 2016

With hopes to provide a more seamless and secure experience of Windows apps, Microsoft will be ridding of the ranks of its Trusted Root Certificate programme.

Unprotected keys and certificates losing customers for businesses

Certificate and key errors are costing businesses dearly and undermining the global economy, according to a Ponemon/Venafi report.

The cost of a data breach and how to avoid paying it

As cyber-attacks become increasingly common, it's important that businesses understand the true cost of data breaches, says Wieland Alge.

Security pros failing to check rampant misuse of digital certificates

While acknowledging threats from digital certificates, many security professionals are failing to get to grips with the problem, claims Venafi in a new report.

Users could sue Ashley Madison for failure to control data

Caught with its pants down, Ashley Madison clearly failed to practice safe security. How damaging is this for the company and could users take it to court?

FBI says rogue employees tap cloud resources to hack their employers

The FBI is now offering a guide on how to tackle the IT-savvy rogue employee problem.

A way forward in information sharing

Josh Goldfarb asks how can the infosec community move from informal and exclusive trust circles to more mature formal information sharing approaches, without losing agility and effectiveness.

Fake Asos voucher scam tricks discount seekers

Scammers are targeting discount hunters with fake vouchers.

Attacks on businesses could cost £260 million due to certificate and key issues

Businesses do not get the concept of certificate management and there is a lack of trust between users, according to Venafi.