IronKey is to launch its trusted access software to protect corporate banking online.

The software, along with its USB key technology, allows access to banking sites to be done in a protected environment.

IronKey CEO Dave Jevans explained that the new technology provides a secure, virtualised session to protect users of corporate banking systems following sight of Trojans that infect at the login stage, hijack the session and traffic out money.

Jevans said that when you open a browser and access a banking page, Trusted Access works by firing up the virtualised session and you can use it to limit the environment with the browser which it can reset every time.

He said: “We provide this to the bank to pass on to their customers, and if they know that a user has malware on their machine they can turn off transaction.”

He also said that the USB device can be used as a secure ID token with two-factor authentication capabilities, while Trusted Access protects against denial-of-service (DoS) and code injection base attacks as all traffic is encrypted and protected using certificates.

He said: “Also to some extent, this can block phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks as you can create a way that it is locked down. The risk to the bank is that the customer leaves them over the risk, but with software and firmware added to Trusted Access with virtual management bundled up they are better protected.”