TrustPort has launched a mobile application that encrypts users SMS and email messages.

According to the company, 'Skytale' prevents other people from reading sensitive messages and ensures private messages will always be secure during data transfer, both between phones and computers. Using 256-AES encryption in a single click option, Skytale offers the ability to encrypt up to six SMS messages at once (up to 960 characters) and an option to send an encrypted message to more recipients, TrustPort said.

Free versions are available for Android, iPhone and Mac OS X and support is offered for the most used email clients. The software is also a part of TrustPort Internet Security, TrustPort Total Protection and TrustPort Tools.

Marcela Parolkova, sales director at TrustPort, said: “Not everyone is aware that it is possible that their own mobile phone can be tapped without even knowing it, and you do not even have to be connected to the internet.

“Sending sensitive information via SMS or email is often too risky. That is why we decided to offer a free security solution that will be available to anyone who does not want to have their SMS or emails tapped. Skytale can ensure confidentiality for every businessman, who is used to sending sensitive data via SMS or email.”