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£90/perpetual per endpoint device

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Strengths: Full enterprise encryption available as an on-premise install or hosted deployment

Weaknesses: Web-based support needs improvement

Verdict: Very good encryption tool but you will not get a lot of self-service support from the website

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Trustwave Encryption offers full disk, USB, email attachment and file share encryption, deployable throughout the enterprise via an on-premise server or a managed cloud deployment. Administrators can easily deploy a solid encryption policy, with many options including pre-boot based encryption that ensures security of roaming assets such as laptops.

We found this product to be easy to install and configure. Trustwave takes an interesting approach to deployment. The server itself is a Linux server but you do not need to be a command line guru to configure it. Before the server is installed, a USB flash drive is connected to a Windows box and the administrator can run through a setup wizard that creates the initial configuration file. Once this file is created it is then uploaded to the server at the time of installation and after a few steps the server is up and running.

On the client side for administration the client application is installed on a Windows machine and then connected to the server. The administrator can then log in and begin setting up policy through the management console. We found this to be easy to use and intuitive to navigate. Policy can be set up using existing Active Directory groups and users and different policies can be assigned based on needs quite easily. Once this is complete and the installation wizards for the clients have been customised using an included tool, the client applications can be pushed out through various software distribution services throughout the enterprise.

The installation guide provides a high amount of detail on installing and configuring the product, while the administrator guide details advanced administration tasks. Both manuals were easy to follow, with many step-by-step instructions, screenshots and configuration examples.

Trustwave offers both standard and premium support, which include phone and email technical help. Customers can purchase support plans at a cost of 16 to 20 per cent of the licence price, depending on the level desired. However, there is very little in the way of web-based guidance. As of this review the knowledgebase is for internal use only.

At a price of £90 per endpoint device we find Trustwave Encryption to be good value for money, as it provides some really good features that are easy to manage and deploy throughout the enterprise.

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