Tufin adds next-generation firewall support

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The new version of Tufin's security suite includes enhanced support for next-generation firewalls.

The new version of Tufin's security suite includes enhanced support for next-generation firewalls.

According to the company, version 6.0 of the Tufin Security Suite includes deeper directory services integration of user and application intelligence, support for multi-dimensional policy analysis queries according to user and application, and definition of compliance policies and compliance reports.

Tufin said this allows central management and analysis on firewalls using a next-generation application and user objects.

The new version also includes enhanced network topology intelligence to allow security administrators to leverage security policies as a strategic tool for controlling the flow of network traffic, via a visual map of all devices and zones on the network. This automatically analyses routing tables and detects all of the devices and zones on the network, and offers a comprehensive visibility of access paths between any source and destination.

Ruvi Kitov, chief executive of Tufin Technologies, said: "Not only do we lower the cost and ease much of the management burden associated with moving to and managing next-generation firewalls, but our customers tell us that the other capabilities we have delivered played a crucial role in enabling them to successfully meet their compliance, security and operational objectives.”

Version 6.0 also offers Cisco device configuration reports, as well as enhanced rule documentation and recertification for triggered alerts and scheduled reports for expiring rules.

Also contained in the suite is Tufin's firewall operations management and compliance product, SecureTrack, and its security change automation solution, SecureChange.


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