Tufin Technologies has launched a solution to allow firewall administrators to manage the network connectivity of enterprise applications.

Named the SecureApp, it said that it provides the ability to manage firewall policies by applications and about giving companies a way to view things from ‘the top down'.

Talking to SC Magazine, Tufin Technologies' chief security architect Michael Hamlin said that it allows security teams to track changes in the application development process.

He said: “I think what we have found is that there is still work to be done as 80 per cent of problems are in the application space as you can scan services in under an hour but it can take over a week to correlate on the firewall changes.

“What we have found is a better way to create apps and requests so that they are tied to each other, so if you build an app you use this to track changes.”

According to Tufin, SecureApp provides a central repository for application connectivity data and presents it in a way that network administrators and application owners can easily and strategically leverage to deploy, modify, de-commission, monitor up-time and troubleshoot application connectivity issues.

It also enables application teams and network teams to communicate accurately, eliminating the misunderstandings that lead to errors, wasted time and unnecessary security and compliance exposure.

Ruvi Kitov, CEO of Tufin Technologies, said: “Since application owners don't speak ‘firewall', there were often miscommunications between the application teams and the network teams, resulting in a wide range of compliance, business continuity and other process problems.

“We decided that a new, application-oriented paradigm would solve those problems and if the feedback we have received is any indicator, we are confident SecureApp will revolutionize firewall policy management.”