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Strengths: Native network device compliance and management

Weaknesses: Expensive

Verdict: Sometimes an appliance is the right answer to various types of network management and this one is no exception. It is easy to use and powerful. Worth a second look

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Tufin SecureTrack takes an appliance-based approach to managing and configuring firewalls and network infrastructure, including routers, switches, load balancers and web proxies. It features the ability to provide change tracking and analysis of network devices, as well as auditing and meeting compliance standards.

SecureTrack also provides a look at network device configuration in a native display that allows administrators to feel as if they are working directly inside the device rather than having to re-learn a new interface.

The initial setup of the appliance is done by connecting to the web-based interface and running through a short setup wizard. This helps set up the network configuration and installs the licence file.

At the completion of the wizard we were able to log back into the web-based GUI and begin the configuration of the product for the environment. The interface is a little overwhelming at first but after browsing around we felt very comfortable using and configuring the product.

Once the devices are added to the system we found there was no limit to the information and configurations that could be viewed. Through the interface we were able to compare and analyse configurations and quickly audit and produce reports. Once we defined a policy the system can look for and alert on policy violations that can then be quickly remediated with little effort.

Documentation included a very large paper user guide that covered everything from initial setup to advanced configuration. A small getting-started guide illustrated the steps necessary to get the appliance up and running in the network. Both guides featured clear step-by-step instructions, screenshots and configuration examples.

Tufin offers standard 8/5 phone and email technical support at 20 per cent of the licence cost and 24/7 at 40 per cent. Customers with advanced deployment needs can have the help of professional services at an extra cost. There is also access to a large web-based support portal that includes a knowledgebase, downloads and many other resources.

At a price of £13,000 this product is quite pricey but we find it to be good value for money given what it can do. While only focusing on network infrastructure it can help streamline and audit to manage compliance seamlessly and easily.

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