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Strengths: Good set of security features, coupled with excellent administrative capabilities

Weaknesses: Incorrect setup instructions

Verdict: Despite the difficulties with setup, overall the product is a fairly strong offering

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The MailGate solution from Tumbleweed (now a part of Axway) is a hardware appliance that performs as a message transfer agent to secure inbound and outbound email messages. This is accomplished through several modules, including edge defence protection, IP reputation analysis, rate throttling, anti-malware, anti-spam and content filtering based on policies such as smart identifiers.

Setup and configuration was not as smooth as we had hoped. Initial setup is done by connecting a keyboard and a monitor, but our appliance had both VGA ports disabled and username and password were not provided. Both issues had to be addressed with a call to support. Once this was resolved, the web-based GUI is professional and easy to navigate.

The product has a built-in anti-malware engine with zero hour protection, anti-spam via IP reputation and content-based analysis, zombie detection, rate throttling based on whether or not the device thinks the message is trusted, and a policy module. The policy module applies many common dictionary (lexicon) terms, as well as customised regular expressions and a few out-of-the-box smart identifiers.

From an administrative perspective, the appliance has clustering capability, granular logging and automated reporting that can be scheduled and emailed to various stakeholders. The management features of the appliance are impressive and the device has an enterprise feel to it.

Initial setup documentation was incorrect and it did not match what we had to do in order to set up. The rest of the documentation is only available online in the appliance and we were not shipped offline electronic documentation or hard copies.

Gold support via phone or email (14/5) is included. Platinum (24/7) and technical account manager/TAM (dedicated support) options are available.

The product's features are rock solid. Given the price, we feel the initial setup experience should be a bit more defined.

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