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Strengths: Tumbleweed MailGate provides easy-to-use, feature-rich protection for the email environment at a very reasonable price

Weaknesses: Limited to email

Verdict: Use this tool alongside complementary solutions that handle leakage vectors other than email

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MailGate from Tumbleweed is a whole lot more than a data-leakage prevention tool. Built on a hardened Linux appliance, it is an entire email gateway that manages email transiting the enterprise's perimeter.

In addition to performing the usual extrusion prevention tasks, MailGate stops outbound spam and viruses and provides policy management and content filtering. Multiple remote and geographically distributed MailGate appliances can be centrally managed and monitored from a single console

However, this is a gateway, so it is limited to traffic passing through it, as opposed to agent-based systems that also manage peripheral leakage.

That said, as an email management tool, especially for extrusion prevention, this is one powerful box. It configures like most appliances.

First steps are performed using a console to access the MailGate's command-line interface. Here you set up the features, such as addressing, that allow the product to connect to the network.

When this is done, you can access MailGate remotely through its web-based interface. Run the configuration wizard and the rest is child's play.

We had no trouble getting the appliance up and running. Once implemented, MailGate performed exactly as we expected. For what it does, this product performs very well.

Documentation is first rate and comes with everything you need to deploy, manage and use MailGate. Different approaches to selecting modules allow real customisation.

Support is an extra-cost option, but there are various levels available, up to 24/7 phone support. However, to access the support portal you have to be a support customer. Outside of the portal there is very little beyond marketing materials available on the website.

At £2,600, MailGate is a bargain. This is a product that should be used next to other solutions that focus on leakage vectors other than email, such as local peripherals and protocols. Tumbleweed Communications has additional offerings that address some of those needs.

Since MailGate focuses on email, it does not provide a complete solution for extrusion prevention. That said, as part of an overall strategy, its additional capabilities make it well worth considering.

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