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Strengths: Fully integrated email encryption and filtering

Weaknesses: None that we found during this group test

Verdict: A solid product with a lot of capability. We rate this one SC Recommended

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This product incorporates both email encryption and a slimmed down version of a full content security manager. Secure Messenger and the email firewall work together to allow for encryption policy to be set based on words or phrases in subject, body copy or attachments and protect from viruses, spam and phishing. Secure mail is sent out with policy meeting requirements and Secure Messenger sends an email to the recipient with a link to retrieve the secured mail via a web interface.

We found Tumbleweed Secure Messenger version 6.3 quite easy to use. The box arrived with Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server already installed. From there installation of the email firewall is a matter of following a few simple wizards and setup is complete. The policy engine on the appliance is straightforward too, and the device has a few default policies set up out of the box. Adding custom policies was quick and simple, we just had to enter some information and check a couple of boxes. The web interface for this product is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a clean, organised layout.

This solution performed very nicely throughout our testing. Once we had a couple of policies set up, we were sending and receiving encrypted messages without any problems. The mail can be encrypted with both S/MIME and PGP encryption protocols, and users can enroll themselves to retrieve email. This product can also integrate itself with Active Directory, so it should fit easily into an existing environment.

Documentation for Secure Messenger is in the form of PDF manuals, located directly on the box. These include administration and quick-start guides that are well organised and easy to follow. The admin guide offers clear and detailed configuration information, along with many useful screenshots and information tables.

Tumbleweed offers two levels of support. One is gold which offers assistance during regular business hours, the other is platinum which offers 24/7 support. Email and phone support are available, as well as a customer portal.

This product costs nearly £9,000, but there is a lot of functionality built into that price. This device not only secures email, it is also a way of monitoring, securing, and filtering all in one. We therefore find this product to be excellent value.

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