Turkey News, Articles and Updates

Middleboxes in Turkish telecom redirecting users to nation-state spyware

Security researchers have uncovered how deep packet inspection middleboxes are being used either to expose Turkish nationals to nation-state spyware or to redirect Egyptian Internet users to ads and browser cryptocurrency.

DDoS means points and prizes as hackers in Turkey gamify cyber-crime

In the quest to offload their risk onto others, hackers in Turkey have come up with a novel way to incentivise others to do the dirty work for them.

And the country with the most bot Infections is... Turkey

Researchers at Symantec's Norton division found that Turkey has the largest number of "bot" infections with one bot for every 1,139 internet users.

Turkish group responsible for failed cyber-attack on Vienna airport

Austrian police are investigating a failed cyber-attack on the Vienna airport and the authenticity of a claim of responsibility from a Turkish political group.

WikiLeaks postings of Turkish emails included active links to malware

WikiLeaks' practice of delivering unfiltered information to its readers backfired after a researcher discovered that its collection of leaked Turkish government emails contained over 300 active links to malware files hosted on the controversial site.

Anonymous breaches Turkish Natural Gas company

A tranche of data from a Turkish natural gas company, Izmir Gaz, has been leaked online by the hacktivist group Anonymous in a seemingly convoluted attempt to get at the Turkish government

Turkey publishes WhatsApp messages of coup officers

WhatsApp messages of Turkish military officers involved in last week's failed coup have been published by state-run media outlets, prompting questions as to how exactly the Turkish government got in to the encrypted messaging app.

Turkey was no.1 target for DDoSers in Q4 2015

Turkey has taken the no.1 spot as most DDoSed country in the last quarter of 2015, according to a report from NexusGuard

Pawn Storm targets Turkish government, says Trend Micro

Trend Micro has identified what it believes to be the APT group Pawn Storm's fingerprints all over recent attacks on Turkish government departments.

Turkish cyber-criminals post their flag on hacked Russian Embassy site

In a cyber-war involving Turkey against Russia, Turkish hacktivists have destroyed the Russian Embassy's website in Israel.

Turkish hacker's latest sentence brings total to unprecedented 334 years in jail

A Turkish criminal court sentenced a 26-year-old Onur Kopcak to 135 years in prison on Sunday for stealing 11 consumers' credit card information and selling it on the black market.

Anonymous fesses up to DDoS attacks on Turkish servers

Anonymous has admitted responsibility for a huge 40Gbps DDoS attack that took place last week on Turkish DNS Servers