Austrian police are investigating a failed cyber-attack on the Vienna airport and the authenticity of a claim of responsibility from a Turkish political group.


Earlier this week, Austrian newspapers speculated that political motives may have triggered the hacking attempt given the recent issue between the two countries.


The Turkish hacker group known as “Aslan Neferler Tim”, or “Lion Soldiers Team”, reportedly launched last week's attack due to the “racism” of airport authorities. They respond to attacks against Islam and the Turkish Nation.


A tweet from the group alluded to the refusal of officials to issue a group of Turkish nationals emergency visas that would have let them leave the airport and overnight in a hotel after their flight was grounded for technical issues.


Austrian foreign minister Sebastian Kurz warned that he will stop any move that brings Turkey closer to joining the EU. Austrian chancellor Christian Kern even said, “The membership negotiations are currently no more than fiction.”