The hacking of Twitter should be seen as a major incident and not brushed under the carpet.


Symantec chief scientist Guy Bunker claimed that this should be seen as a serious breach, as a hacker could take control of high-profile users' profiles and post potentially damaging remarks, and infiltrate the whole application. 


Bunker said: “What this really brings to the fore is that if you can gain access to the root of the application, the administrator, then all the data held there is within your grasp. Okay, so it should be tougher to get access at this level but if you do, then you have absolute control.


“Of course, the assumption is that the administrator is ‘good', but what if they weren't? We have seen cases where phone records of celebrities have been examined and sold by system administrators - so there is a need for more security and a separation of administrator and data with much greater auditing and analysis of the associated log files.”