A warning email was tweeted yesterday by several Twitter users that came from the platform's network security staff. In the email, the users were alerted that they may have been affected by cyber-attacks on their accounts that the team thought to be a possible state-sponsored attack.

The advisory focuses around increasing concern of hacking activity supported by foreign governments. Twitter said it was thoroughly examining the attack however did not make mention of where the attacks came from. Though many would assume China, Russia and the US would be top contenders for the cyber-attacks, Twitter made note that smaller countries in the Middle East, Africa and South America are also capable of these methods of attack.

Most of the people targeted are known security researchers, cryptographers and activists living in western countries. 

Twitter suggests users to use Tor for online activities and review the Electronic Frontier Foundation's “Protecting Yourself on Social Networks” guidelines in order to stay safe.

Google and Facebook have previously been the only such companies to warn customers of probable state-sponsored attacks.