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Twitter pornbots found advertising adult sites, misappropriating hashtags

A researcher who in 2016 uncovered roughly 500 bots programmed to create Twitter posts that advertise pornography found that about 20 percent of them were still active two years later.

Twitter spam app plaguing accounts

Cyber-criminals attempting to take advantage of Twitter users' curiosity over who visits their page are using a new form of bait that advertises the ability to track such visits.

John McAfee Twitter and phone hacked to promote cryptocurrencies

Cyber-security pioneer John McAfee is warning users that anyone can be hacked after someone allegedly broke into his Twitter account to promote cryptocurrency investments.

Revealing the man who shut down Donald Trump's Twitter, a Social Media Hero?

Bahtiyar Duysak, a German citizen who attended Birmingham University suspended Donald Trump's Twitter account for 11 minutes on his final day working at the social network on 2 November, sparking joy among his detractors.

Update: Trump's Twitter account switched off - could be contractor

The person that deactivated US President Donald Trump's Twitter account briefly Thursday, originally pegged by the company as human error by an employee, reportedly was instead a third-party contractor.

Evidence of Russian Twitter accounts subverting US election criticised

Twitter's revelation that it had identified about 200 accounts that may have broken its terms of service and were possibly linked to nefarious activity geared toward influencing the 2016 US election criticised in Senate.

Messing about with Real Madrid Twitter accounts, FC Barcelona breached

Grey hat hackers pranked soccer fans by hacking the Real Madrid Twitter accounts and posting tweets announcing the signing of rival player Lionel Messi.

Unbeliebeable: High profile Twitter accounts hijacked by Turkish activists

What does Justin Bieber's Japanese account, The UK Department of Health and Seabrooks crisps have to do with nascent tensions between The Netherlands and Turkey? They all used Twitter Counter.

Huge DDoS attack hits Twitter, Github, Spotify and others

Outage at DNS provider Dyn leads to multi-site blackout

Twitoor first Android malware known to leverage Twitter for command and control

Researchers have found the first known Android mobile malware to use a Twitter account, rather than a traditional command-and-control server, to control infected devices.

Twitter suspends 235,000 terrorist linked accounts in six months

The social media giant listed these stats in a statement last week detailing the firm's most recent efforts to combat terrorism on its platform.

Snowden says Shadow Broker leak is likely a warning from Russia

The leaker to end all leakers has taken to Twitter to provide some insight in to the recent high profile auction of NSA hacking tools.

Scotland Yard setting up Twitter police task force

Scotland Yard is to setup a Twitter task force which will hunt offensive online comments, and bring those posting them to justice.

CMA cracks down on undeclared paid-for promotional tweets

The Competitions and Markets Authority has warned two companies and dozens of online personalities against tweeting paid-for promotional messages disguised as unbiased recommendations.

Twitter founder's Twitter account hacked by OurMine

The founder of Twitter is the latest victim of the mysterious hacker group, OurMine, but is there a larger point here than petty vandalism?

OurMine hackers take Uber CEO's Twitter page for a joyride

Last night, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick became the latest public target of the OurMine hacking group, which posted an unauthorized message on his Twitter page, likely after hijacking his linked Quora account.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Quora account hijacked by Zuckerberg hackers

Three weeks after hijacking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts, the mischievous OurMine hacking group appears to have briefly seized control of Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Quora account.

Twitter blocks US spy agencies from getting key terror alerts

The social media giant has taken a stand when it comes to intelligence agencies using the service to collect data.

New ISIS video threatens Facebook and Twitter CEOs

ISIS has made threats to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a new video showing their photos with digitally added bullet holes.

Twitter catches 24-hour bug: Brief password glitch potentially exposes user info

Twitter's password recovery systems briefly contained a bug that potentially exposed the email addresses and phone numbers of about 10,000 active account-holders.

Twitter warns users that something bad may have happened, possibly...

The warnings are vague and contain little actionable intelligence, critics say, but it might be Twitter's way of telling the threat actors that they've been rumbled.

Twitter warns of state-sponsored attacks on its users

A warning email was tweeted yesterday by several Twitter users that came from the platform's network security staff.

Anonymous declares 'trolling day' on ISIS

Hacktivist collective Anonymous said it will continue its cyber-assault on ISIS, declaring Friday, 11 December, a trolling day against the terrorist group.

Selfie Killer: Steve Lord shows off the "Internet of Wrongs"

In a bid to take on the nascent Internet of Things, security researcher Steve Lord has created a line of hardware devices designed to mess with people's day.