Charismathics has launched the iEnigma identity protection application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.


It is intended to allow enterprises to use a two-factor authentication security approach. When users need authenticated access, a digital signature or email or data encryption, they enter a password and iEnigma will turn the iPhone itself into the second ‘factor' required for access. Users can connect via WiFi with Charismathics' software and ‘shake' their iPhone to generate a digital key


Charismathics CEO Sven Gossel, said: “iEnigma turns anyone's iPhone into a security key. It protects email and other data on people's iPhones and saves companies money by allowing them to deploy two-factor authentication without the large cost of buying smartcard readers and smartcards for every employee.”


It will make the software available for other major smart phone platforms this year, including the support of discrete hardware and supporting major government applications.