Two Factor Authentication News, Articles and Updates

Millennial habits may bring an end to the password era

Millennials use passwords less than others and as they come to dominate the workforce, their online authentication habits impact the way employers and technology companies provide access to devices and applications.

No one is safe: How to stem the global breach epidemic

It's vital that multi-factor authentication systems become the industry standard for securing both customer and internal IT accounts. By replacing the outdated password-username combination, most hackers are outfoxed.

The three key trends compromising credentials and allowing criminal access

One of the best ways for organisations to lock down data and ensure their "crown jewels" can only be accessed by those necessary is by implementing a privileged account strategy says Lavi Lazarovitz.

Update: Microsoft 2013 secret vulnerabilities database breach - long tail

In 2013 Microsoft discovered that hackers had breached the secret internal database it uses to track vulnerabilities, it then quietly upped its security, segmenting the database from its network and compelling two-factor authentication.

Deloitte, a source of cyber-security advice - hacked, emails accessed

Deloitte, one of the largest private US companies and a leading source of cyber-security advice for corporates, has had it email server hacked using legit credentials, client details revealed, attackers on system for months and no 2FA.

49% of UK online users don't delete their old web accounts

Nearly half (49 percent) of the UK public don't delete accounts on the web that they no longer use.

NIST axes SMS-based two-factor authentication for US government apps

US government service providers will be required to phase out the use of SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) as the result of new guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).