Two-Factor Authentication News, Articles and Updates

User-proof security - replace passwords with 2FA & push notification

Hackers are getting more sophisticated and humans are usually the weakest part of any security system so Marc Boroditsky asks why do companies still rely on their customers' password selection to protect their information?

Using two-factor authentication to avoid a Yahoo-like disaster

With data breaches increasing in frequency and severity, Jackson Shaw says businesses should prioritise two-factor authentication and privileged account management to avoid catastrophic brand damage.

Facebook upgrades security for 1.79bn users to make them 'unphishable'

Facebook makes accounts 'unphishable' with adoption of the FIDO universal two-factor authentication, a physical key that fits into the USB port of your computer.

CloudFanta campaign suspected of stealing 26K email credentials

Researchers spotted a variant of malware campaign dubbed "CloudFanta" which may have been used to steal 26,000 email credentials

No more pesky codes with Google's new and easy two-step verification

Google has introduced a new process that simplifies two-factor authentication for users to secure access to accounts and web-based services.

LinkedinGate: industry reacts to

With the news of over 100 million user login credentials being stolen from online professional networking website LinkedIn, the industry offers it's viewpoints on passwords, the GDPR and LinkedIn's choice of encryption.

Biometrically challenged: three-factor authentication systems too weak for web banking

Despite new adoptions by RBS and Natwest, even three factor authentication may not be enough to adequately defend online banking against attackers according to experts

Android.Bankosy malware targets 'voice' two-factor authorisation

Bank systems using SMS and 'voice' two-factor authentication systems can be hacked by the new Android.Bankosy malware.

Adaptive two-factor authentication: is it all it's cracked up to be?

Steve Watts considers options for two-factor identificaiton and suggests Near Field Communication (NFC)-based mobile authentication as a possible solution.

Minimise friction to maximise user satisfaction for user authentication

Designing user authentication systems for applications is often seen as a trade-off between security and the user experience, but Ant Allan at Gartner says it needn't always be thus.