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UAE medical centre hit, hacker claims good intentions

A medical centre in the UAE has been modestly breached by a hacker who claims to want to teach them a lesson in security.

UAE 'VPN ban' creates confusion

Increased fines for using VPN to commit criminal acts resulted in confusion over who can use VPN for what in the United Arab Emirates.


A royal command has banned VPNs and proxy servers in the United Arab Emirates, but for a country investing so heavily in cyber-security, is this not a step back?

Stealth Falcon spyware used on UAE critics

Circumstantial evidence suggests a link between the Stealth Falcon spyware campaign and the UAE government.

UAE InvestBank hacked, nearly 100k recycled data records leaked?

A data file of 10GB holding sensitive financial data compromised from an InvestBank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been leaked online. The file contains information on tens of thousands of customers from a bank based in Sharjah.