UEFA protected during Euro 2012 thanks to Interoute
UEFA protected during Euro 2012 thanks to Interoute
UEFA's website and key logistics applications were protected from repeated attacks due to cloud-based protection from Interoute.

Protecting during this summer's Euro 2012 tournament, Interoute's reinforced private cloud protected UEFA's website and key logistics applications from repeated attacks throughout with an uninterrupted 31,000 web pages per second served to audiences at peak times.

Using a three-tier security approach, Interoute delivered unbroken continuity for the UEFA.com website and the unique UEFA Football Administration Management Environment (FAME), which is accessed by more than 40,000 users and offers tournament logistics for UEFA guests, players, sponsors, press and media.

Data accessing UEFA's systems was screened and any malicious traffic mitigated by the bespoke service within Interoute's network. At the second tier, screened data was then checked by the managed firewall service. The third tier of protection was offered by the Interoute network intrusion prevention service that screened data which had passed through the previous two protective services.

This service integrated next-generation intrusion prevention systems from Sourcefire, which provided real-time, contextual visibility of the data traffic and applied intelligent security automation to mitigate threats.

Daniel Marion, head of ICT for UEFA, said: “98 per cent of UEFA's ICT services are hosted in Interoute's private cloud computing platform, because security and responsiveness is key to delivering the best experience.”

Matthew Finnie, chief technology officer at Interoute, said: “It's not just major events that attract unwanted attention online, these days every business with a digital presence is open to attack.Interoute supports businesses across Europe to prevent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and cyber attacks, with intrusion prevention services, email content filtering, log analysis and much more.”