During a visit last week from Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, Britain's prime minister David Cameron agreed to work with India to institute a cyber-security training centre. 

Cameron and Modi also agreed that the UK will help set up a new Indian cyber-crime unit.

In a statement the government said that strengthening the security partnerships of the two countries with an exchange of counter-terrorism best practices, technologies and cyber-security knowledge were also topics of discussion between the two leaders. 

Cameron stated at a press conference that he wants the UK to be India's “number one partner” to support the finance of Indian infrastructure improvements that Modi plans.

British and Indian companies also announced new joint efforts worth more than £9 billion. The two countries mentioned they would collaborate on clean energy in a deal worth £3.2 billion.

Gartner estimated earlier this month that India's data centre market is set to be worth £1.3 billion by 2016 since their IT market is quickly growing. “With increased focus on mobility and big data activities in India, software defined networking has the highest adoption rate amongst Indian enterprises.”