Most UK businesses have limited visibility on impact of DNS

News by Danielle Correa

New research from Neustar presents how UK businesses are provisioning domain name system (DNS) servers and services of their internal and external internet users.

Nearly all (92 percent) UK organisations have limited visibility of the impact that DNS performance is having on their internet users and visitors to their online resources.

Interviews were conducted with 100 senior IT decision makers at UK-based businesses in a wide range of sectors.

Forty-five percent of organisations have as many as eight different ways of provisioning their DNS infrastructure.

Seventy-two percent of organisations reported regularly suffering from at least one of six critical issues that impact website and application availability including DDoS attacks, network access issues and web server downtime.

Eighty-nine percent of respondents claimed to be using a specialist DNS service provider, but only 15 percent have committed to using it for both internal and external DNS purposes to provide advanced features such as DDoS mitigation, reducing infrastructure load and central management tools to improve visibility.

The report found that most organisations use ISPs, managed hosting providers and internet registrars as a way of provisioning some of their DNS needs.

“DNS has been called the most important part of the internet that people don't now about and its time IT managers woke up to what a professional DNS service can deliver to business. DNS can be so much more than a website address directory Provisioned correctly, by a reputable specialist DNS service provider, it can defend the frontline in the fight against cyber-attacks, maximize the use of backend resources, ensure governance and be a rich source of marketing data,” said Rodney Joffe, SVP and fellow at Neustar.


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