UK businesses do not protect information assets

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Almost half of UK businesses fail to protect their information assets.

Almost half of UK businesses fail to protect their information assets.


According to new research from Vistorm, companies claim to understand the security challenges their businesses face and the consequences of non-compliance, yet only 48 per cent do anything about it.


Of 100 UK businesses surveyed, 79 per cent of companies knew which of their assets were business-critical and 91 per cent understood the consequences of non-compliance. It also found that 43 per cent of companies have inadequate security controls in place for protecting mobile data


Dan Turner, CTO at Vistorm, said: “In a round-the-clock society, where data is used on the move and shared between different parties, securing information assets is paramount. While it is difficult to prevent employees from losing devices, IT departments can stop the information from falling into the wrong hands and being misused.


“Information assurance is about enabling the business. Critical business information, by its very nature, must be shared, emailed and downloaded - it is the lifeblood of any business, but it must be managed securely by encrypting critical information and strictly adhering to an identity and access management process.


“We recommend that IT professionals implement policies to protect business critical information, and that the policies are implemented throughout the organisation.”


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