UK companies are spending more on security than the US, Canada and China.


A survey by TNS has revealed that UK companies spend more of their IT budgets on security training and certification than the other nations but See the highest cost savings, £3.3m, as a result of training and certification – more than double the US value of £1.6m.


Matthew Poyiadgi, CompTIA's European vice president, said: “Spending on training and certification in the right areas doesn't just pay for itself; it significantly benefits a business' bottom line. UK companies aren't actually spending much more of their IT budgets on security training than US ones; but that bit of extra investment makes a huge difference to the cost savings that they see.


“Recognising where training needs to be targeted is crucial – everything we've heard from our members over the last year has underlined the importance of security skills.”


Greg Day, security analyst at McAfee, said: “Our own research has shown the difference that training end-users in the right way can make. It's likely that UK companies have such good returns on their security training because of the imaginative and exciting methods they increasingly use. These motivate the end-user by making security training light-hearted and relevant to their personal as well as their work environment.”