Nearly half of British consumers do not trust their bank or building society to look after their personal data and prevent identity fraud, according to a new poll.

Even more alarming for online retailers, 45 per cent claimed to be prepared to give up online banking and shopping to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, a YouGov survey shows.

The figures also suggest that there is a difference in trust between younger and older people. While a fifth of 18-24-year-olds trust mobile-phone companies with their details, only five per cent of over-55s share the same view.

”Identity fraud is a major issue for consumers and it’s clear companies need to do much more to win their trust,” said Rob Laurence, MD of fraud prevention at data services company GB, in a statement.

“Demonstrating clearly to customers the attention that is being paid to safeguarding them against identity fraud will go a long way in restoring faith,” he added.

YouGov questioned 1,972 UK adults in the survey for GB.