UK consumers feel uncomfortable sharing their personal details online

News by Danielle Correa

New research from Yoti reveals that 87 percent of UK consumers are concerned about how secure their personal information is when shared online.

Following several data breach incidents on the news over the past year, most UK consumers are worried about the security of their personal information online.

A new report from Yoti has revealed the concerns of a sample of more than 2,000 UK consumers when sharing their personal data online.

Almost half (46 percent) of respondents in the age bracket of 18 to 34 have given false information online. Respondents said the main reason for this was to avoid unwanted contact or spam, demonstrating distrust in businesses.

Ten percent of British adults have been victimised by identity theft, which may explain why 45 percent of adults still feel uncomfortable when entering personal details online.

More than a third (38 percent) of people who have sent a passport or driving licence to a company as proof of ID are then worried about how that information is stored. This was most concerning for those aged 35 to 44 years, with just under half (47 percent) saying they were worried about this.

Nearly half (46 percent) would be likely to use a smartphone app that allowed them to prove their identity in the same way as using an official ID document instead of using their paper documents repeatedly.

“Given the ever-growing number of high profile data breaches, it's no surprise that most UK consumers are increasingly worried about sharing their personal data. People have to trust that both big and small businesses will secure their information and not let it fall into the wrong hands. But with countless stories of data leaks, often from well-known brands, it's no wonder this trust has gone. More and more people recognise that they can take control. By choosing to replace weak passwords with biometrics and minimising the amount of sensitive and personal data they share, they will protect their information and enable businesses to tighten their security,” said Robin Tombs, CEO of Yoti, in a press statement.

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