UK consumers sceptical about smart meters

News by Ava Fedorov

Almost one in three UK consumers are concerned about the safety of using smart meter technology, a recent study by SQS reveals. Further, more consumers believe that the greatest benefit of smart meter installation goes to the energy suppliers, rather than the consumer, and more than half believe that the change to smart meter technology is motivated by the ability to gain additional customer data.

Despite this cynicism, consumers would still “welcome” improvements based on this data, such as services, offers and tariffs that reflect how they actually use energy, as well as personalised customer service.

"The new smart world will generate large volumes of data and for established suppliers it is vital they have the high performing, integrated infrastructure in place to capture, secure and make the most of the real-time data they generate, all day, every day,” Angus Panton, director of power and communications at SQS, commented on the study.

"Now is the time to test everything, and then test it again - or to turn to the experts who can test it for you. There won't be a second chance to get this right."

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