Councils in the UK have been warned not to ignore the Government's Code of Connection (CoCo) standards.
Deepnet Security claimed that despite the deadline for CoCo compliance being moved back to 30th September 2009, councils could face data loss and ID theft if they fail to act on the standards that requires local authorities to implement rigorous security processes and ICT controls, as well as provide secure access to data through multi-factor authentication.


Yurong Lin, CEO of Deepnet, said: “Achieving compliance can appear complex and confusing, but councils must address this head on by reviewing security processes, so that they have enough time to implement any necessary changes before the deadline arrives.

One simple way that we can help is to provide a unified authentication platform to prohibit unauthorised access to government networks, without the need to increase password complexity which invariably means users either forget their passwords regularly, which impacts helpdesk costs, or put them at risk by writing them down.”


Mike Bienvenu, technical director of Softek, said: “We have recently had an influx of calls regarding the CoCo standards and what needs to be done to reach compliance. When speaking to local councils we have been advising them of the steps which can be taken to achieve data loss prevention, as well as offering other suggestions to fulfil the different aspects of CoCo compliance, such as hardware protection.”