UK dry cleaners find over 22,000 tech devices each year

News by Danielle Correa

UK dry cleaners find over 22,000 memory sticks and mobile phones left in customers' pockets each year, but only 53 percent of the lost devices are returned to their owners. 

That's according to ESET which questioned 500 dry cleaners to find out how many USBs and cell phones are lost each year. About four USB sticks are left at each dry cleaner every year which, given the number of dry cleaners in the UK, would work out to 22,266 USB memory sticks. Meanwhile, the number of mobile phones left at dry cleaners is estimated to be 973. 

A number of other, stranger items are also found in the dry cleaners, but their frequency was minimal in comparison to phones and USBs. Such items include doses of Viagra, condoms, dentures, chips, dead rats and cash.

Mark James, security specialist at ESET said, “It is a huge concern that so many devices are being completely forgotten about by their owners, particularly in light of the fact that stories about the loss of crucial information is creating news headlines every day. 

"However, what is most astounding about the research is the fact that so many devices never actually get returned to their owners. Data is of high value on the dark net and cyber-criminals will always be on the look out for anything they can find.” 


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