UK employment has reached a record high of 74.4 percent, therefore it is of utmost importance to assess high-skill jobs as these are key to securing Britain's future in the digital world.

Today's ONS figures reveal that much more needs to be done to make the UK a leading digital country. The Science and Technology Committee recently published a report saying that the digital skills gap was costing the UK economy £63 billion a year in lost GDP, with 30 percent of required computer science teachers having not been recruited.

“The UK government needs to continue looking at all angles to address the current digital skills shortage across the country, but when it comes to businesses, they need to adapt to the competitive talent market that is crucial to both short and long-term success,” said James Parsons, found & CEO of Arrows Group Global.

“One of the fundamental issues that businesses have is attracting and retaining digital talent. To achieve this, businesses have to recognise that digital is much more than just a skillset, it is a culture of knowledge sharing and being agile. Retention becomes a key factor in a competitive market, requiring innovative approaches to engaging top talent.”

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