UK hacker Lauri Love fights extradition to US

News by Jeremy Seth Davis

Lauri Love, a UK graduate student is extradition to the U.S. for hacking government computer systems

UK graduate student Lauri Love is using a new tactic in his attempt to fight extradition to the US.

Love told The Guardian his legal team would present legal blocks to extradition, rather than attempting to disprove the evidence against him. He said he should not face extradition as a result of the “forum bar,” a measure that limits investigations and prosecutions to the country where offences are committed.

Love's attorney, Karen Todner, has had previous success fighting similar charges having successfully blocked the extradition of Gary McKinnon in 2012.

Love was indicted in July 2014 by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia in the US for helping the hacktivist group Anonymous. He was charged with conspiracy, causing damage to a protected computer, and access device fraud. Five months earlier, he was charged by the Southern District of New York with computer hacking and aggravated identity theft charges.

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