UK ham radio operators spammed with malware

News by Doug Olenick

UK ham radio operators are the target of a phishing-scam asking them to open a malware-infected attachment purportedly from Ofcom Spectrum Licensing.

UK ham radio operators are being specifically targeted by a phishing-scam asking them to open an infected attachment to an email purportedly from Ofcom Spectrum Licensing, an agency responsible for managing civilian use of the radio spectrum.

But Ofcom released a statement saying no such email has been sent: “Some people have received an email that appears to have come from Ofcom spectrum licensing. The email has not been sent by Ofcom - it is a hoax and should be treated as spam and deleted. We have not experienced a breach of our data or systems and we have taken steps to prevent further such occurrences,” according to a post on the agency's website.

The email contains a letter directing the recipient to open the malware-infected attachment, according to The Register.

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