UK internet users are safe surfers but fail to take data security seriously

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UK consumers are among the safest surfers in the world.

UK laptop users are among the safest surfers in the world.

According to research by Absolute Software, 85 per cent of users have anti-virus protection, bettered only by the French of whom 87 per cent are protected. However UK users are leaving themselves vulnerable to identity theft by not taking data security seriously.

The online study, carried out in association with YouGov, revealed Germany, by contrast to the UK, had the least safe surfers with just three per cent of laptop owners using anti-virus software. Germany, however, was the best when it came to data protection with 72 per cent of all respondents using encryption.

Dave Everitt, general manager of EMEA at Absolute Software, said: “Consumers are aware of viruses which is great, but that's no help when it comes to protecting personal data against identity theft. You wouldn't lock your car door and then leave the window open, so why leave your laptop wide open to thieves?

“The loss of data is potentially the most costly of all threats. With such a tiny percentage of laptops being returned to their owners, it's safe to assume that when a laptop goes, the data on it is lost forever. Even encryption doesn't offer total security, as it can often leave things like saved passwords still on the computer. With the amount of personal data that's now stored on computers, losing your laptop's worse than losing your wallet, so it's time for owners to take security seriously.”


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