UK ITDMs trust Germany and the US most for data storage after the UK

News by Danielle Correa

According to a Bitdefender study, an overwhelming majority of UK IT decision makers (ITDMs) have the most confidence in data storage in their own country.

Bitdefender's latest research reveals why companies virtualise, which countries CIOs trust and what type of data companies care about the most.

The survey included responses from 503 IT security purchase professionals from enterprises with 1000+ PCs based in the UK, US and Germany.

After the UK, the main countries that UK ITDMs favour for data storage are the US (47 percent), Germany (25 percent), Japan (24 percent) and France (20 percent).

Half of ITDMs in the US view cloud as more secure than on-premise infrastructure, while the majority in Germany and the UK trust their own data centres the most.

It was discovered that companies in the UK choose hybrid infrastructures for their increased productivity (46 percent), flexible service providers (45 percent), more cost effective than their own infrastructure (43 percent), more flexibility and room for expansion (42 percent) and better security (37 percent).

In the UK, 35 percent of respondents noted that the least-trusted destination for data storage is India, followed by Singapore (27 percent) and the US (14 percent).

ITDMs did not mention Russia or China among the least trusted 10 countries, suggesting that these locations are not even taken into consideration as a viable option for data storage.

The cloud service providers trusted the most by US ITDMs are in the US, Canada and England. German ITDMs rely on German and Dutch cloud service providers and distrust US-based suppliers.

Fifty-four percent of ITDMs in Germany and 14 percent in the UK perceive the US as an untrustworthy destination.

The BBC has noted that one reason for this distrust might be that European companies distrust US suppliers and are concerned about data privacy, following the rescinding of the Safe Harbour data sharing agreement and the Edward Snowden leaks about potential mass-scale US snooping in the EU.

Types of sensitive data that UK ITDMs would never move outside the company are information about clients (43 percent), information about employees (39 percent), financial information (39 percent), research about new products (35 percent) and marketing plans (32 percent).

Liviu Arsene, senior e-threat analyst at Bitdefender, told SC Media UK: “When choosing a cloud service provider, it's vital that the data centre physically resides in a region or country in which data handling and storing legislation is favourable to the company's business interests.

“In the UK for example, a data centre, regardless of the data it stores, falls under the UK's relatively stringent data privacy and protection regulations. This could potentially be the reason why almost two-thirds (64 percent) of IT execs would choose keeping sensitive data under their country's own jurisdiction – for peace of mind.

“Despite the numerous advantages of cloud storage, I'd always recommend that critical, personal and private data related to intellectual property should be stored on-premise, with access to it available only to authorised personnel.”

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