UK joins World Economic Forum cyber resilience initiative

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The UK has joined the World Economic Forum's 'Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiative'.

The UK has joined the World Economic Forum's ‘Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiative'.

At the event in Davos, Switzerland, foreign secretary William Hague UK signed the country up to the initiative that aims to build secure, resilient digital networks and raise awareness and understanding of cyber issues across the world. Launched last year, the initiative has attracted signatures of over 70 companies and government bodies from 15 sectors and 25 countries.

Hague said: “We hope that signing the ‘Principles on Cyber Resilience' will encourage business leaders all over the world to lead the way in creating shared principles for a resilient and thriving internet.

“The internet has a critical role to play as an engine and facilitator of economic growth, cyber space must be secure and reliable so that it is trusted as a medium for doing business but at the same time free and open to evolve and innovate naturally.”

Alan Marcus, senior director for information and communication technology industries at the World Economic Forum, said: “The UK government has been a leading voice in the cyber debate in recent years. It recognises that cyber resilience is a shared challenge for all parts of society. In 2013, we will work with the UK and our other signatories to continue to drive leadership awareness and understanding, and support multi-stakeholder collaboration across the globe.”

Jolyon Barker, managing director of global technology, media and telecommunications at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, the sole knowledge advisor to the World Economic Forum on the Partnering for Cyber Resilience initiative, said: “Trust in the digital world is essential for innovation and growth in all industries and sectors, and no one organisation can resolve cyber security alone.

“In our hyper-connected world it is critical now, more than ever, for leaders in business and government to collaborate, share views and commit to jointly finding solutions to defend against cyber risks - a threat that crosses geographical boundaries and industries.

“Widespread adoption can raise business standards and contribute toward the shared common goal of achieving economic stability and prosperity through strengthened cyber resilience. We call on other leaders in business and government to join the forum and its signatories as we move towards a more secure and resilient online society.”

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