More than half (54 percent) of malware files targeted at UK internet users contained ransomware in 2015. Ransomware is expected to only get worse in the new year and spread to multiple platforms.

Bitdefender has discovered that 9.1 percent of all emails infected by ransomware in 2015 have been targeted at UK internet users. The US users were targeted by 21.2 percent of all malicious emails. The global security tech company determined the amount of ransomware infections per country split by the number of global ransomware infections.

Hundreds of thousands of internet users received and opened ransomware-infected emails in 2015, with the US in the lead with 61.8 percent, followed by France at 55.8 percent and the UK at 54.5 percent.

“These numbers show that ransomware masterminds have made countries such as the UK and US priority targets to attack, most likely because they consider both to be highly profitable markets,” said Catalin Cosoi, chief security strategist at Bitdefender.