UK lacks investment in information and communication technology research as data breaches increase

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The economic aspects of information security in the UK are not quite as well developed as broadband and public services.

The economic aspects of information society in the UK are not quite as well developed as broadband and public services.

A new security report by The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), highlighted a large number of data breaches that it claims are the result of the unauthorised use of data/information that are due to inadequate access control.

However the report did praise the progress of ‘e-Government services and the use of internet by households' but further claimed that ‘investment in ICT research is relatively low'.

Owen Cole, technical director at F5 Networks, claimed that a new security stance is needed to help protect against this generation of attacks, ideally one that focuses on understanding how the applications and associated business processes are presented and designed.

“Once this is understood and ‘application firewalling' is correctly configured, the infrastructure will monitor users' behaviour and requests. This will ensure that users (and potential attackers) are forced to comply with a whitelist of known input types and parameters,” said Cole.

“This approach bolsters existing security but extends firewalling to truly protect the application. This offers protection against many of the popular application level attacks, such as database injection and buffer overflow.”


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