The UK police need to get a stronger hold on the extent of digital crime in the country and its impact on a local and international level according to a new report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).  The report accuses the police service of dawdling when implementing data collection systems to determine how this new threat can affect the UK, saying the police response is not as effective as possible without such information.

The authors of the report said, “Such understanding allows forces to make sound, evidence-based decisions in relation to critical areas, such as operational structures, procurement, and learning and development. Understanding the way in which digital crime is committed also enables the police service to identify those who are most likely to be vulnerable to this form of crime.”

HMIC advised UK police to adopt a flagging system to help see the scale of the threat in a clearer sense. The study suggests that the police have a long way to go to understand the consequences of digital crime.