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Hackers target private schools in UK

Hackers are taking advantage of poorly secured systems at schools in the UK, nicking identifying data, typically through phishing attacks, that they could use to target parents with fake invoices and other means of cyber-crime.

IT valuation of PII data shows huge variations

US security professionals value their personally identifiable information more than twice as much as their UK counterparts, according to a new report.

Researchers expose Russian cyber bank robbers who stole over $10M

A Russian cyber-criminal group has stolen at least US$ 10 million (£8.5 million) from financial institutions and other organisations in the US, U.K., and Russia, by targeting card processing systems and interbank transfer systems.

'UK is the most affected country' from hacking per capita in the world

Thousands of British businesses have paid ransoms to Russian hackers who are launching attacks every day and demanding £100,000 to release files.

Action Fraud launches 24/7 helpline to combat cyber attacks

Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre, has launched a 24/7 live cyber-attack helpline. During its pilot since October 2016, Action Fraud's 24/7 cyber-helpline received 377 reports.

Covert warfare: How likely are attacks on the UK's critical infrastructure?

Attacks on critical national infrastructure are growing in number and sophistication. So how big is the UK's risk?

Suicide risk leads appeal grounds in Lauri Love extradition case

A legal precedent will be set over the extradition of Lauri Love, a man with Asperger's accused in the US of hacking government computer systems, when a decision is made following presentations being made in the UK high court.

Most UK Uber users and drivers caught up in data breach

More than half of all Uber riders and drivers in the UK were impacted by the ride-sharing company's data breach that was revealed last week.

Indian cyber-security event opened by PM, supported by UK

A demonstration of how seriously India is taking cyber-security is that the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the keynote speech at the Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS) 2017 in New Delhi, India.

UK to open second investigation into Equifax breach

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has opened an investigation into the massive Equifax data breach that exposed the personal information of almost 700,000 British citizens and 145.5 million worldwide.

Hacking the UK general election might be possible but 'highly unlikely'

Any tampering of the UK General Election would likely be by insiders rather than foreign governments, with localised impact unlikely to affect national outcomes, experts agree.

Israel-UK cyber-security lessons - shared concerns, shared responses

Israel is under constant threat and conscription gives its army access to its brightest students - what can the UK learn from its approach to and understanding of cyber-terrorism?

UK 'too attractive' to DDoS attackers

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the up according to new research; and the UK is firmly in the crosshairs.

Leaked report reveals Russian battlefield cyber-weapons

A report leaked from the UK armed forces to the media has shown a shocking new cyber dimension of tactical warfare and come to some worrying conclusions about how the UK army would fare in a shooting war against Russia.

Brexit will 'prove challenging' to UK universities and tech sector

Following the announcement on Friday that the country had voted in favour of leaving the EU, commentators have been assessing the impact on UK tech.

RSA 2016: AG Lynch talks Apple case, info sharing framework with UK

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch told an RSA audience Apple should comply with government requests for help in unlocking iPhones and confirmed rumours that the US and the UK were in negotiations to share information in criminal investigations.

A quarter of UK companies hit by cyber-attack, industry unsurprised

As cyber-attacks on UK companies continue to hit new heights, some industry bods are surprised, not at how high the numbers are, but how low.

Does the UK need a chief information security officer?

While most of the media understandably covers the search for a new President of the United States, we couldn't help but notice another job going begging at the White House: CISO. Which got us to thinking...

Prosecution for breach-deniers says Liam Fox MP

Dr Liam Fox MP, Former Secretary of State for Defence has put forward several proposals in a speech yesterday at the Royal United Services Institute including prosecution for organisations that don't report their breaches.

Is the security industry failing SMEs?

Kentucky-based CISO says security industry and UK government are failing SMEs in the UK.

UK and India to build cyber-security training centre

During a visit last week from Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, Britain's prime minister, David Cameron, agreed to work with India to institute a cyber-security training centre.

UK and US test reactions to financial cyber-attacks

Britain and the US accomplished a planned drill with leading global firms to see how they would respond to a cyber incident in the finance subdivision.

GCHQ to review proposed nuclear plants for cyber-vulnerability

GCHQ will be poring over the design in several proposed new chinese-made nuclear power plants.

Cyber-crime overtakes physical crime in the UK

New statistics being released today by the ONS are expected to confirm that cyber-crime has become the largest recorded offence in the UK

Payment processing company tests facial recognition camera as fraud preventative

Worldpay, a payment processing technology company, said it's researching using facial recognition in stores around the UK as a card fraud preventative measure.

UK organisations are top targets for cyber-attackers, says report

The UK is a big target for cyber attack according to new research, but it's better prepared than most European countries.

ICO demands Google take down links under 'right to be forgotten'

The Information Commissioner's Office ordered Google to remove links to webpages detailing a minor crime and the company's prior removal of links related to the offence.

One third of UK companies beset by ransomware

Hackers exploiting Flash vulnerability to infect machines with Ransomware