Ukraine invests US$1 billion in secure IT & mobile network

News by Eugene Gerden

A new specially protected communications channel and mobile network is planned for the Ukraine military and government following military losses attributed to intercepted communications.

Amid the ongoing threat of a full-scale military conflict with Russia, the government of Ukraine together with experts from the Ukrainian State Security Service, have announced their plans to build a new specially protected communications channel and mobile network.

According to an official spokesperson for the Ukrainian State Security Service, recent losses by the Ukrainian army in the east of the country occurred largely as a result of a lack of secure communications among its combat units and their interception by rebels.  

One of the factors implicated is the current domination of Kyivstar and MTS-Ukraine in the Ukrainian mobile communications market, as both companies are mainly controlled by Russian business.

Consequently the Ukrainian government has decided to establish a national network of mobile communications for state bodies and the national army, which will not  be affiliated with any of the country's mobile operators.

An official spokesman for Ukraine's Prime-Minister, Arseniy Yatsenuk, told that the level of investment required to establish a new mobile network incorporating the required improved security features, will reach US$1 billion.

The new network will be protected against unauthorised access and data leaks. It will utilise encryption, with . decoding of information employing single- use decryption keys.

The name of the company being awarded the contract to supply the new technology  has not been disclosed, while, sources close to the Ukrainian State Security Service say that the new system will be developed by Ukrainian companies working in cooperation with leading US IT security solutions designers.

It is planned that the new system will be used by the Ukrainian army, as well as providing a specially protected channel for communications by Ukrainian state bodies.

A spokesmnan of Yatsenuk told SC that further details regarding the new technology to be deployed will be announced 'later'.

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