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Ukrainian hackers arrested for carrying out cross-border DDoS attacks

Two Ukrainian nationals were sentenced to five years in prison for launching powerful DDoS attacks on popular dating site in 2015 after cyber-security experts provided clinching evidence of their involvement.

Cyber ring takedown one of largest, US says

The US Justice Department indicted 36 people in a cyber-ring created by a Ukrainian national on identity theft trafficking charges.

Two-year-old malware campaign plagues Ukrainians with Vermin, Quasar RATs

Researchers have uncovered a two-year-old cyber-espionage campaign that's been infecting Ukrainians with either a newly discovered remote access tool called Vermin or the more established Quasar RAT.

KillDisk wiper malware sets sight on Latin American financial organisations

A new variant of the disk wiping malware KillDisk is targeting financial firms in Latin America to wreak havoc without leaving so much as a note.

Ukrainian software company compromised to spread Zeus banking trojan

Cyber-criminals launched a cyber-attack using the official website of a Ukraine-based accounting software developer to distribute a new variant of Zeus over a Ukrainian holiday.

Ukraine used as a "training ground" for Russian hacking attacks on west

Ukraine has become a "training ground" for Russian hackers wishing to perpetrate cyber-attacks on the west, a Kyiv security expert has claimed.

Russians suspected of gearing up to hit Ukraine power-grid over holidays?

Days before Christmas in 2015, remote hackers took control from Ukrainian grid operators and by digitally commandeering substations, shut off power for 225,000 customers for several hours.

Update: Further details on BadRabbit's spread, vaccine posted

Update: Several Russian news agencies and additional targets in the Ukraine have reportedly being hit with cyber-attacks, which the security firm GroupIB believes to be based on a new variant of Petya called BadRabbit.

BadRabbit 'NotPetya-style' attack hits Russian press & Ukraine targets

BadRabbit ransomware has hit at least three Russian media companies including Russian business newswire Interfax which became unable to deliver some of its news services, and Ukrainian infrastructure has also been hit.

Ukrainian malware author accuses Russia in US DNC hack investigation

A Ukrainian who authored malware that US intelligence officials say was used by an Russian APT group to hack the Democratic National Committee has become a witness for the FBI.

Backdoor placed in popular Ukrainian software enabled NotPetya attack

A backdoor may have been placed in the software of a Ukrainian accountancy software vendor to help distribute the NotPetya malware.

Ukraine disables remote management systems after suspected energy hack

If recent power outage were the result of a cyber-attack, it would be the second time Ukraine's energy systems had been hacked.

Leaked report reveals Russian battlefield cyber-weapons

A report leaked from the UK armed forces to the media has shown a shocking new cyber dimension of tactical warfare and come to some worrying conclusions about how the UK army would fare in a shooting war against Russia.

'Right Sector' hackers attempt to blackmail Polish government

A group claiming to be a far-right Ukrainian nationalist group has attempted to blackmail the Polish ministry of defence.

Order of Malta breach contains unhashed government credentials

A white hat researcher discovered a pair of data breaches in which email and password credentials of government employees was dumped on Pastebin.

SWIFT robbers swoop on Ukrainian bank

Yet another bank has been hit via the SWIFT messaging system, this time in Ukraine. This may only be the fifth publically disclosed SWIFT heist, but commentators suggest that there plenty of silent victims

German Intelligence blames Russia for Parliament hack

Germany's domestic intelligence agency has pointed the official finger at the Russian state for the 2015 attacks on the Bundestag, the German Parliament

South Korea no 1 origin point for DDoS attacks

According to a new report by Imperva, South Korea serves as the most prolific point of origin for global DDoS attacks.

Ukraine approves new cyber-security strategy

New standards and cyber-security strategy approved in Ukraine to thwart Russians hacking infrastructure as Russian software purchases halted.

Russia and US to resume cyber- security cooperation

Russia and the US are to revive a series of bilateral agreements on cyber-defence including the world's first non-aggression treaty on IT

US Gov confirms Ukraine power outages were caused by cyber-attack

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the power outages in Ukraine late last year were in fact caused by malicious attacks.

BlackEnergy now using Word documents

Kaspersky Lab had discovered several new developments in the ongoing BlackEnergy Saga

Cyber-police to deter cyber-attacks in Ukraine

The Ukrainian police service has begun hiring officers to fill a new cyber-policing agency in cooperation with the US Department of Justice, according to the country's interior minister.

ICYMI: New PayPal spam; WEF top risks; Ukraine cyber-attack; OpenSSH vulnerabilities; IoT Doorbell flawed;

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at a new type of PayPal spam, WEF names cyber-attacks as one of its top three threats, Ukraine suffers major cyber-attack on main airport, OpenSSH open to MitM attacks and the IoT doorbell that reveals its owners wifi key.

Attacks redoubled on Ukrainian power - but who is to blame?

Slovakian IT security company, ESET, has discovered a new wave of attacks against Ukrainian critical industries, recalling the malicious power outages of the last few years.