The second annual National Unplugging Day in the UK will be held this year on 26 June 2016 to encourage families to spend the day from start to finish without any technology.

MyFamilyClub carried out a study with over 2,000 parents from the UK. Striking statistics revealed that that the average parent spends up to five hours a day on a smartphone, with 80 percent of children spend four to five hours each day on digital devices.

Nearly all respondents (87 percent) agreed that technology is damaging to their children's childhood and close to all (94 percent) want the tech industry to help in educating them and offer guidelines for safe usage. More than half (51 percent) want to return to the days of no technology or smartphones and a life less complicated.

As advances in technology insert themselves into our daily activities, parents are less present and available for their children, worrying to mental health officials on the long term affects it may have on children.

Gemma Johnson, CEO and founder of said, “We all lead busy lives but it is so important to lead by example with our device usage. I'm urging all individuals to check how much they are using technology and look at the impact it is having on those around you.”