Acer has suffered a data breach in its online store. Users that accessed its e-commerce site between 28 April 2016 and 12 May 2016 may have had their information compromised due to unauthorised access of a third party.

The number of users that were affected have not been stated, however Acer revealed that data such as names, addresses, payment card numbers, card expiration data, and three-digit security codes (CVV numbers) may have been compromised.

A draft letter to the Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics company's customers says, “We took immediate steps to remediate this security issue upon identifying it, and we are being assisted by outside cyber-security experts.”

All affected US customers are being informed, but customers from other countries may be concerned as well if they use the Acer e-commerce store.

“Based upon Acer's public notification of the breach, it appears hackers had access to private data for almost a year. This again is another perceft example of how hackers remain persistent in a network without anyone knowing it,” said Stephen Gates, chief research intelligence analyst at NSFOCUS in emailed comments to SC Magazine UK.