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Date: 9th June 2015 
Time: 2:00 p.m BST

Organizations have long struggled to find objective ways to measure and compare performance, leaving many executives to trust metrics and data points that may not be painting the clearest picture of security posture. With increased oversight from boards and regulating bodies, it's more important than ever for security teams to be able to accurately portray their strengths and weaknesses in this crucial area.

To highlight this issue, BitSight recently surveyed over 300 IT executives in 4 major industries to assess their confidence in their security performance. We then compared responses to our own security ratings data, which measures effectiveness across key performance areas including security events, configurations, and user behaviours.

Join BitSight Executive Vice President Tom Turner for this webinar to take a deeper look into these findings and to learn more about how BitSight Security Ratings are helping organizations manage their information security risk with objective, evidence based performance metrics.

Attendees will also discover:

  • How security performance varies among finance, healthcare, retail, and energy/utilities
  • Whether optimism bias exists in these industries and how it may be affecting overall security performance
  • Why continuous performance monitoring should be a critical component of enterprise risk management and how leading organizations are using BitSight Security Ratings to manage their cyber risk

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Speaker: Tom Turner, EVP of BitSight Technologies