The University of Oxford has selected two-factor authentication technology from CryptoCard to protect its servers and networks.

It selected the CRYPTO-MAS authentication solution that secures the digital identities of authorised personnel, ensuring that only authenticated users can access private and sensitive data.

CryptoCard said that this will allow staff to adopt more flexible working practices, as more than 400 senior administrative staff will have fully secured remote access to the university's network, which will help with business continuity in case of major disruptions.

As part of implementing this capability the university decided that traditional passwords were not secure enough and decided that two-factor authentication should be implemented as standard.

Ben Heath, head of financial reporting at the University of Oxford, said: “The benefits of CRYPTO-MAS are substantial as it allows staff to securely access the system if they have to stay at home for any reason, or need to carry out system testing out of hours.

“Remote working is now regarded as a core element of the IT architecture and so the solution's high level of security and reliability, as well as its ease of use have been vital for our users and our IT support team.”

Neil Hollister, president and CEO of CryptoCard, said: “The level of confidential information housed in universities can make them prime targets for hackers and it is encouraging that the University of Oxford recognises the need for two-factor authentication for its networks.

“With university IT budgets coming under severe pressure, all educational institutions require security solutions that are both affordable and easy to use – CRYPTO-MAS offers both of these things.”