The University of Sunderland has chosen IronKey as its primary security provider for portable devices.

Seeking a secure, portable solution to match its investment in the IT infrastructure, Dave Hartis of the university's IT department said that in an ideal world he would prefer to not have any portable USB devices but it is not always possible for users to access its online file storage solution. The IronKey is controlling its use so that staff are offered the flexibility without compromised security.

After a small-scale trial with a select number of users, the university selected IronKey Enterprise and working with reseller, PrimoIT, who advised on a number of mobile security products for evaluation, Hartis rolled the device out to 130 users.

He said: “Whatever system we chose it had to be simple to use and satisfy a broad range of users' needs, from learning support and technical support staff to academics. From a management view, our corporate governance team needed the confidence to know that we had the highest possible levels of encryption (especially with the recent high-profile public sector data breaches).

“The system offers the ability to monitor and if necessary terminate the devices centrally, meaning that the data is securely dissolved. Not only is it extremely robust but it looks good and stands out from any other USB stick so it makes it easier to control any rogue devices coming into the system.”