The University of Surrey is to use the Crypto-Mas two-factor authentication managed service to ensure that only authorised users can access its servers and network.

The CryptoCard solution secures the digital identities of authorised personnel through two-factor authentication, and will enable the university to provide secure access to internal web applications and services. It will use Crypto-Mas to secure access for 70 IT workers and 30 support staff.

Hilary Sherlock, operations and network team leader at the University of Surrey, said: “This solution has worked perfectly for us as it allows secure access to administer core systems of the university, such as the email system and importantly access to documentation stored on the network. Crypto-Mas was the natural selection for us, as it is a flexible solution that has integrated seamlessly with our Juniper-based suite of services.”

Neil Hollister, president and CEO of CryptoCard, said: “Remote access is key to uninterrupted running of university networks, however, traditional passwords provide inadequate protection for the highly sensitive data handled by educational institutions. The University of Surrey has recognised the importance of the highly secure two-factor authentication, and we are thrilled our Crypto-Mas solution can provide the necessary peace of mind for the university.”