The University of Westminster has implemented a log management, log analysis and event management solution from LogRhythm.


With over 5000 computers on its computer network, the University's IT department faces a huge challenge when it comes to managing the vast amount of log data generated on a daily basis.


In the case of the recent Conficker virus, the University used LogRhythm to view its entire network to see if the virus had infiltrated it and quickly established that there were no irregularities. Previously, carrying out an investigation would have been time consuming and labour intensive – regardless of a virus being present or not.


Lee Rose, information systems network manager at the University of Westminster said: “We used to record and analyse the University's log data manually but this took up a huge proportion of our IT resources. We recognised that a log management, analysis and event management solution would automate and significantly streamline this process and bring greater efficiencies to the IT department.”


Ross Brewer, vice president and managing director EMEA of LogRhythm, said: “Unlike many businesses that have been able to standardise on a single operating environment, the further education and higher education sectors typically have to run all of the available IT platforms which can make it hard to gain an integrated view across the entire network.


“Furthermore, without being able to see the complete picture, there is a greater risk that incidents will slip off the radar.”