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Girls give up on STEM subjects after A-level despite subject rise

A higher percentage of girls are taking A-levels in the three sciences, technology and maths, yet they are still avoiding going on to study the same subjects at university, a study of 100,000 sixth formers by The Times has found.

Facial recognition fooling glasses could subvert TSA security

Researchers at the US' Carnegie Mellon University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill developed a technique to fool facial recognition algorithms including those used at airports.

Smartphone sensors exploited to steal login PINs

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore developed a technique to leverage a phones sensors to guess a user's PIN code.

How the UK can create its very own Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is a globally renowned hallmark of technology, success and innovation whose companies define huge elements of our lives. David Howorth asks, why is there no equivalent in the UK, and how can we change that?

Students crowned UK's most talented in cyber-security

12 UK Universities compete for the cyber-crown at a competition backed by the NCSC, Leidos and NCC Group. The top three teams shared prize money of £10,000.

Birmingham cyber-sec chair demonstrates business-academic collaboration

Professor Mark Ryan takes the HP Chair in Cyber Security at the University of Birmingham to explore security issues where the digital and physical world blur.

'Father of Car Hacking' awarded for research

Stephan Savage, the 'father of car hacking' and professor at the University of California San Diego has been awarded the 2015 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award

Inkjet can spoof mobile fingerprint security

Two researchers at Michigan State University have succesfully spoofed security on two models of smartphone using a mere inkjet printer.

Financial system breached at UC Berkeley campus, exposing 80K records

San Francisco's UC Berkeley has been hit with a breach and the 80,000 records have been exposed

Dammit Janet: University network suffers DDoS attacks

Infrastructure supporting academic services under sustained distributed denial of service attack coming from an unknown quarter.

GCHQ continues outreach efforts with launch of two initiatives

Not only has GCHQ invited press to attend its annual Information Assurance conference, but this year's event also featured two outreach programmes: a revamped public website and the launch of CyberInvest.

Harvard hacked: the impact of educational cybercrime

University networks are becoming increasingly more attractive targets, as witness last week's attack on Harvard University in America, says James Burns.

Edinburgh Napier University launches International Cyber Academy

Responding to the growing demand for cyber-security professionals, Edinburgh Napier University is today launching its International Cyber Academy.

SC Exclusive: Cyber-security fails to make the grade at university

The cyber-security skills gap is likely to continue, if not get worse, according to the numbers of people studying the subject at degree level.

University of Surrey opens cyber security research centre

The Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS) has launched, and will be home to academia research on everything from privacy and data protection, to secure mobile communication and human-centric technology.

GCHQ to accredit cyber security degrees, appoint new director

GCHQ is teaming up with UK universities to offer accredited cyber security masters degrees, and is also reportedly on the verge of appointing a new director.

More jobs but cyber security skills gap widens

There's an increasing demand for cyber security specialists in information security, but the challenge remains bringing the right graduates into the fold.

UK charity gets hacked twice in 'motiveless' attack

A small British educational charity has been targeted in an apparently motiveless cyber attack.

Minimum education requirements are needed for an IT security career

If the IT security industry is going to be recognised as a profession, we must learn lessons from more established industries.

Masters-level opportunity presented by UK universities and Cyber Security Challenge

The Cyber Security Challenge has partnered with 15 UK universities to find ideas from masters' students to discover new ways to improve trust in the online world.

Royal Holloway collects new grant for cyber security training

Royal Holloway University has been given a £3.8 million grant to host a new cyber security training centre.

GCHQ establishes vulnerability detection research group

GCHQ has announced that it is to open an academic research institute that will seek vulnerabilities in software.

A place for learning and development

Last week I was delighted to attend the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) summit in Belfast, in its third year of operating as a think tank and speaker conference.